UCHIC is a company that operates in the image sector aiming to guide and support its clients to achieve their goals with their image transformation and valorization.
Aware of each person´s particularities, our work development is based in Coaching techniques and style identification methods, colouring and biotype, that guarantee that the projected image is the most appropriated and corresponds to the values and specific goals of each individual.
We ensure unique and personalized results that allow the revelation of all the potential in terms of image and presentation (posture, behavior, know-how).

What are the Image (professional) Consulting services?
It is a process of personal valorization that allows to each person the transformation of their image, according to their style, personality and goals.

At a personal level, the consulting process is personalized and engage a complete program from image counseling that includes 3 distinct phases:

Phase 1: involves the image diagnosis, style identification, colouring and biotype, counseling in the way of dressing; makeover (through hairstyle & make up sessions).
Phase 2: Wardrobe planning
Phase 3: Service executed according to the image to be projected
It can also include Personal Shopping and Etiquette/Body Language sessions

At a corporate level, image consulting is done through private Executive Image Coaching sessions, aiming the appreciation and refinement of the professional image. The subjects to be covered are adjusted to each client and situation, involving: Wardrobe, Dress Code, Posture and Professional Etiquette.

These themes may also be presented in the form of workshops or lectures, addressed to company´s employees and senior management.

The main goal of the intervention is to reinforce the corporate image through strategies development within the professional image valorization level of all the company´s employees.
The topics and subjects to work on, as well as the duration, are personalized and adapted to the segment and values of each company.