Maria Uini Miguel, CEO Uchicstyle

Maria Uini Miguel, Angolan born in Luanda at earlier 80´s, is a member of the International Association of Style Coaching (UK), and a Certified Image Consultant with 6 years of experience.

In 2017, Uini updated her skills in Style & Colour Analysis, through, directed by the renowned australian Image Consultant Claire Maxefiled –

She provides image consultation services to professionals seeking to polish their image. Having worked in the Banking industry since 2002, it is sure to provide the required help to suite both women and men.

Maria Uini has a keen sense of style and extensive knowledge of fashion trends, African culture, coaching and mentoring experience.

As President and Founder of Uchicstyle” image consultancy and Coaching”, Maria Uini now focuses on providing image consultation for women (Woman leaders, moms, entrepreneur). She specializes in helping women build their self-confidence by helping each woman perfect her look (from inside out).

Her approach empowers women to accept and appreciate themselves. As a mother of 4 girls, wife, leader and entrepreneur, she uses her own experience combined with knowledge of specialized techniques to create and helps maintaining the personal image, especially for woman, to attain a balanced chic style for work and life.

Maria Uini believes that quality is a consequence of good classic design, the maker’s integrity, fine fabric/detailing, and superior craftsmanship while she disfavors trendy fashion, cheap goods, and cookie-cutter production.

When scouting distinctive clothes, she balances the tricky line between good price and excellence, and knows expensive brand names and stores do not necessarily promise quality.

As executive woman she understands the power of an executive presence and body image and appreciates the importance of color and texture.

More than an Image consultant, she is a member of Executive Board of Directors in Angolan Bank from almost 4 years. She earned a degree in Business Management, an Advanced Certificate in Risk Management from IRM Institute of Risk Management of London, and a Bachelor of Economics at Agostinho Neto University Luanda.

Maria Uini was one of the 3 speakers of first Image conference on “Don´t let your image limit your success”, in Luanda in 2012, where she shared the stage with the prestigious Brazilian Image consultant Bia Kawasaki.

Maria Uini is passionate about image consultancy for corporate business, and her philosophy is that:
“You are not your clothes! You are so much more than that. A business understands how packaging and image development can enhance tremendously the performance of a product, and yet most individuals do not do as much for themselves. Your clothing and attire is how you package and present yourself to the world! Covering yourself in the wrong clothes simply covers your inner light and potential”.

And her advice is that:
I am not here to give you a makeover! You are already a masterpiece. My job is to understand your uniqueness and provide you with a wardrobe that reflects your true beauty and integrity.