Which are the benefits for those who demand our services?
Nowadays, image is an important communication vehicle that says a lot to other people about our way of being. Therefore, positively improving and targeting the impression that we transmit to others is an asset that we must analyse, develop and capitalize in a smart way.
Image consulting is also a learning process.
Our customers learn to understand what values and differentiates their own image, so they can use these tools in the future. Increase self-confidence, improve non-verbal communication and decrease stress levels associated to the personal image are some of the Image Consulting gains.

To whom are intended our services?
Our services target all that wish to value their personal and professional image (self branding); to people who want to have a higher quality of life; to whom does not feel good about themselfs and their own image or to whom simply wishes to reveal their “true self”, through the recognition of their own personal style and the definition of their own “brand image”.